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Name: Harry Potter genfic exchange
Date(s): 2006 - present
Founder: fourth_rose
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: springtime_gen on LiveJournal
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Springtime Gen is an annual Harry Potter gen-fic exchange. It has run every year in the spring since 2006 except in 2008, when there was no exchange. It is currently moderated by kennahijja, lazy_neutrino, and oddnari. Its sister community is HP Summer Gen, which ran in 2007.


Springtime Gen allows fanfiction and fanart of all ratings, provided that the creator and recipient of adult-rated work confirm that they are of age. Fics must be beta-read and at least 1,000 words in length.

All works must be gen; defined as "a story/art-work that doesn't focus primarily on pairings, sex or romance."[1] Otherwise there is no content restrictions, though participants are asked to warn for "violence, torture, foul language, sexual or disturbing content, AU-ness, severe angst, and whatever else you think may rub a gentle reader the wrong way."[1]


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