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Forum · Message Board
Date(s): 2002?-present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: Annie, Lane, Princess, themaus and others
Founder(s): ???
Fandom: Hanson
Scope: news, gossip, families
URL: hitzrus.proboards.com (Current location), hitzforums.org (Previous location, July 2013 via wayback), another previous location, Jun 15, 2006 via wayback and Temporary location on LJ
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A screencap of the forum as it appeared on July 03, 2013 when it was located at hitzforums.org
The header used on the temporary LiveJournal location

HITZRUS is a Hanson forum that primarily focuses on news, gossip and talk about the boys' wives and families. It has been controversial for its focus on gossip and hoarding photos of the band and families.[1][2][3]

The forum has changed locations several times over the years and is currently located on ProBoards after the previous owner let the domain expire. Other temporary closures were due to various reasons, including a lack of moderators.[4] Membership has long been closed moderated and often requests to join were ignored for months or entirely.[5]

As of July 3, 2013, there were 1011 registered members.


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