Guilty Pleasure

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Name: Guilty Pleasure
Date Founded: 08 June 2003 or before[1]
Fandom: Lotrips

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Guilty Pleasure is a webring for LOTR RPS (Real Person Slash with the actors from the Lord of the Rings movies), fiction journals are also accepted. The ring homepage is

Member Sites

  • The Back Pages - Includes mostly RPS but some RPH. Author prefers Bean but finds OB easiest to write....
  • Cheers! - A personal RPS site. Right now, very small, but I'm in the processing of adding several fics. I also make small banner pics for each individual fic.
  • Karelian's Castle - Karelian's Lord of the Rings RPS, mostly BeanViggo with some Orli on top.
  • - Dom/Billy slash domain - featuring a fanfiction archive, hosted sites, a rec page, and links of interest.
  • Saira's Library - Saira's Library contains slash Aragorn and Boromir and rps of Viggo Mortensen and Sean Bean also lots of RPH.
  • Shirasade's Fiction Journal - Journal for all of Shirasade's fanfiction - mainly BSB, LOTR, LOTR RPS, and X-Men movieverse fanfic.
  • This Ruined Puzzle - My journal for my writings. Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash is a major part of those writings.


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