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Name: Guild Wars
Abbreviation(s): GW
Creator: ArenaNet developers
Mike O'Brien
Patrick Wyatt
Jeff Strain
Date(s): released April 28, 2005
Medium: MMORPG
Country of Origin:
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GuildWars is commonly considered a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) developed by ArenaNet, a software company owned by NCSoft. The first campaign, Guild Wars Prophecies, was released on April 28, 2005. Within the next few years two more campaigns, Factions and Nightfall, and an expansion pack, Eye of the North, were released. Each campaign introduced new lands and new lore for players to explore.


ArenaNet encourages fannish activity by sponsoring a number of art and writing contests. [1] These contests can have in-game impact, as winning entries may be introduced into the game at a later date.[2]

While most players prefer to simply play through the game as designed, other players choose to "create" their own content, both in and out of game. These players often create guilds and alliances for the purpose of role playing [3], vidding [4], sponsoring contests [5], and hosting events. [6]


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Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction can be found on, as well as on several forums. Two of the most active threads are Lyssa’s Fiction on Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars Fan Fiction Forum on The Unofficial GuildWars Site.


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Livejournal Communities


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  2. Design-a-Weapon Contest
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  5. Pre-Searings Next Top Model
  6. King Frost's Wintersday ~ Seasons End