Gryff Names

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Name: Gryff Names
Owner/Maintainer: Crookshanks (VineHallow211) & Fae Runewild (RuneWild145)
Dates: October 2011 - ?
Fandom: Harry Potter/Pottermore
URL: (Archived version)
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Gryff Names was a website designed to keep track of the nicknames used by members of Gryffindor house on the Harry Potter website Pottermore. It was created by Crookshanks (VineHallow211) and Fae Runewild (RuneWild145) during the site's beta period, and continued accepting nicknames after Pottermore opened to the public, although the influx of new names was such that the site had a permanent 2-3 week backlog. The site appears to have fallen inactive some time in 2012.

Alongside Fae and Crookshanks, the site was maintained by Red (MistRune11), Charms (SunBat151), Bolt (StoneFirebolt200) and Whizbee (MugwumpVine7413). The maintainers of the site collectively referred to themselves as 'The Keepers'.[1] Updates about the site were published to 'The Lions' Den'.

The site also had a list of rules and FAQs, and a 'Dishonorable Mentions' or 'Wall of Shame' list for anyone who was caught stealing another user's nickname.[2]


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