Gregory Daniel Jackson

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Name: Gregory Daniel Jackson
Also Known As: Onision
Occupation: Youtuber, Author
Medium: Video
Official Website(s): Youtube Channel
Fan Website(s): Official Onision Forums
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Gregory Daniel Jackson, better known as Onision, is an American YouTube creator known for his comedy sketches who is sometimes known as "YouTube's Most Controversial Creator." He's also authored two books, Stones to Abbigale and This Is Why I Hate You, both of which were published in 2015.


Even in the height of his popularity, Onision's fandom wasn't the type that produced fanworks. There are a handful of fics with the Greg Jackson tag on AO3 and a Wattpad search for "Onision" isn't much better.

Now, however, the main Onision fandom is anti-Onision, perpetuated by Tumblr blogs like onisiondrama and basement-critics.


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