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Name: Google+, Google Plus
Dates: 2011-
Type: social network
Fandom: not applicable
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Google+ is a social networking site that initially received positive buzz among fans, many of whom liked Google's original identity policy which proposed using the name by which you are commonly known as your Google+ name. The 'circles' feature enabled fen to post fannish content to fen, professional content to coworkers and so on, ensuring privacy and discretion in content and this was embraced by many. However, fandom's relationship with Google+ quickly soured due to Google's flip-flop stance on pseudonyms and confusing, half-hearted approach to ensuring safety in anonymity. Google+ users discovered to be using pseuds or names that did not 'comply' with Google's policy on what a 'legal name' was risked having their G+ account suspended, along with all of their other Google services.[1]


On Twitter, users advocating on behalf of pseudonymity coined the moniker/hashtag #nymwars for this conflict. One high-profile outcome of the "nymwars" is the My Name Is Me campaign launched by Skud.[2]




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