God Bless the Child

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Title: God Bless the Child
Creator: Laura Shapiro
Date: Nov 2009
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 3:01 minutes
Music: "God Bless the Child" by Billie Holiday
Fandom: Angel
URL: vid announcement

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God Bless the Child is a Angel fanvid by Laura Shapiro that focuses on the character of Lorne. It was made after the actor passed unexpectedly. The vidder's summary ("Good night, folks") refers not only to the actor's death, but also to the fact that Lorne would sing in his nightclub.

The vid was recommended at the Buffy Verse Top 5 LJ community.


  • "....this is so heartbreaking. LORNE!! I never realized how much [Lorne] got ignored and pushed away but that is so sad. I love how you framed the vid and let the pacing match the song so it gave enough time to feel his emotions." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.