Give Him Some Rope

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Give Him Some Rope
Author(s): Alita Whipman, Saido Mas, & S’Mack Urass
Date(s): 1997
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Give Him Some Rope is a Kirk/Spock story by Alita Whipman, Saido Mas, & S’Mack Urass.

It was published in the print zine KaleidoScope #6.


"Kirk talks Spock into playing out a sexual fantasy."

Reactions and Reviews

In this amusing story, Kirk and Spock are in an established relationship, but have decided to try something new: acting out a kinky sexual fantasy. It's Kirk's idea (of course) and Spock loyally obliges his captain (of course). But Spock's efforts at being a domineering master are complicated by the fact that he did not go to a sex shop for the necessary props, having chosen, instead, to improvise ("Cat collars?" Kirk asks). And Kirk has just a little trouble playing the part of the submissive sex slave. They both muddle along, in a funny and endearing way, and then...well, read it and see. (Just one question for the authors: those are pseudonyms, right?) [1]
Although this story has a lot of the bondage and discipline tropes that I like, I ultimately found it unsatisfying, because the key for me to a good s/m story is submission. The bottom (masochist) has to at some point give up control. This never happens in this story. Kirk is giving orders right up until the end. I can't fault the authors too much on this one. I could never get Kirk to be believably bottom either. But boy, in the hands of a master like Alexis Fagan Black, it's a wonderful sight to behold. [2]
A hilarious S&M story-it had me in stitches. I love humorous stories-they are a real treat. I think humor must be one of the hardest things to write. And then those pennames -- they did the trick of getting me into giggles. [3]
A cute and sexy story (definitely not including the roll- your-eyes authors' pennames) that has Kirk and Spock engaging in some nice (maybe too nice) sexual fantasies. These are the kind of sexual fantasies I like to see Kirk and Spock in-some gentle bondage. And spanking! Goody! (Hey! Stop rolling your eyes!)

All this was fine except for the continual need to sort of apologize to the reader for the s&m. Kirk kept doubting the scenario, Spock kept doubting the actions and then both throughout the entire story kept wondering if the whole thing was okay. Yes! It's okay! I wanted to yell-stop questioning and just do it!


I adored Spock's leather (synthetic-thank you) outfit and the black satin sheets. I also thought they were both still reasonably in character despite the humorous nature of the story. The writing was really good-especially since it was evidently written by three people. No easy feat, I'm sure!

So except that the subject could have been taken a lot farther and stronger, this story was mighty fine. [4]
Who are these authors? This is a clever little story. Kirk has shared some slightly kinky fantasies with his lover. Spock is keen to make him happy but is not too sure about introducing this into their relationship. There is some light bondage (with cat collars), pseudo-leather and black satin sheets. and a clever choice of music. Kirk has a wee bit of trouble submitting and never stops issuing orders until it's almost all over. Great descriptive ending: "Willingly they surrendered to the power of the storm, thrusting and writhing wildly, until the tidal wave of their shuddering climaxes left them lying, entangled and exhausted, on the wreckage of their private satin beach." Indeed! [5]


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