Girl Talk (Harry Potter fansite)

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Name: Girl Talk
Owner/Maintainer: RubyKate
Dates: active in 2004
Type: femslash resource site
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (Wayback Machine link)
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Girl Talk was a Harry Potter resource site for femslash, maintained by RubyKate.

It was originally conceived as a Hermione/Ginny resource site and fanfiction archive. It was revamped as a general femslash resource site in July 2004.[1][2]

The site contained a beta reader listing (although RubyKate was the only beta listed as of December 2004) and a masterlist of self-submitted Harry Potter femslash authors, which included Kallisto, MinervaFan, RubyKate, Rachel, Servatsia, Shagsthedustmop, and Werechick.

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