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Title: Genzine
Publisher: U.S.S. Shepherd, a chapter of U.S.S. Konkordium and Aurora Publications
Editor(s): Naomi Neumark, Annette E.
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
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cover -- despite the "v.1 n.1" on the cover it was almost certainly the only issue

Genzine is a gen multi-media fanzine. It was published in 1988 and is a 159-page anthology.

It contains fan fiction and art from the following fandoms: Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Who, Star Trek/Beauty and the Beast, Batman, Buckaroo Banzai, Blake's 7, Robocop, and more.

About the publisher: "U.S.S. Shepherd NCC-1967 is a chapter of U.S.S. Konkordium which is an independent Star Trek Fan Club. Aurora Publications is an independent organization that helps publish "Genzine," along with its own publications, such as "Hailing Frequencies" and "Kolinahr".... U.S.S. Shepherd puts out The Gallifreyan Gazette which is a bi-monthly publication, coming out six times a year. "

Contributing artists and writers: Barbara Marshall Brown, Michael Dundee, Nola Frame-Gray, Charlotte Howey, Brenda Johnson, Monica L. Koeppel, Karen G. Parrish, Debra Roess, Lisa Savigano, and V.I. Troianello.


  • The Superstition's and Magic by Charlotte Howey (Beauty & the Beast) (2)
  • Beauty (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Beauty & the Beast) (39)
  • Beast (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Beauty & the Beast) (39)
  • Not Again by Charlotte Howey (Star Trek the Next Generation with a nod to Star Trek and Beauty & the Beast) (41)
  • Time's Pyramid (poem) by Karen G. Parrish (53) (possibly Beauty & the Beast)
  • Epilogue: the Unburdening by Cathy A. Lempp (Star Trek, a story after "Bread and Circuses") (57)
  • Ode to Mister Spock (poem) by V. L. Troianello (Star Trek) (60)
  • The Lesser of Two Evils by Stephanie Klahn (Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor) (63)
  • A Time Lord's Prayer (poem) by Barbara Marshall (Doctor Who) (71)
  • The Stones of Xalphar by Debra Reuss (Doctor Who universe -- adventures of a female Time Lord) (75)
  • Twelve Monoliths (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Blake's 7) (98)
  • Circus Dreams by Beth Littlejohn (Batman - an imaginary Robin story) (101)
  • Silver Metal Samurai (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Robocop) (114)
  • Robocop (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Robocop) (115)
  • Blake and Avon (poem) by Lisa Savignano (Blake's 7) (117)
  • What Are Little Girls Made Of? by Naomi Neumark (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai) (119)
  • No Dreams (poem) by Lisa Savignano (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai) (157)

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