Gathering of the Gargoyles

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Name: Gathering of the Gargoyles
Dates: 1997 - 2009
Frequency: Annual
Type: fan run, non profit
Focus: Gargoyles
Founding Date:
URL: wayback link to con page
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Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles was an annual Gargoyles fan convention.


New York City, New York

We hastened back to the hotel for the walking tour. Thanks to a bit of confusion, there wound up being three tours that left at a spectrum of times between ten thirty and eleven. At any rate, the tour managed to be one of the best and worst parts. Best because it was splendid seeing Belvedere Castle and Cleopatra's Needle and a bunch of neat buildings but worst because I hadn't brought the right kind of shoes and walked my feet to tatters and pulled something in one leg that made me lurch about like Long John Silver for about four days. At Belvedere Castle, we held another re-enactment, to the amusement and/or concern of the other tourists. It must have looked pretty strange, after all -- six people crouched frozen in fearsome garg poses, two women catfighting ("you fight like a rookie!"), and two guys standing there making remarks like "this is diverting," and "you don't know the half of it."[1]


New York City, New York

I got back just in time for the Fanfic work shop. There, our well know Gargoyle artist, A. Major gave us some neat drawing tips that were very good... After the work shop, I went in the film room and watched some Gargoyle episodes... Later, we had the Gargoyle Auction, where some Gargoyle stuff was sold[2]


Dallas, Texas

I’ve been to a lot of cons, but you know what? These Gatherings are the best. The most special. The most intimate. A game con, a fantasy con, even a Trek con, you get a lot of people coming from different loves. A game con might see the GURPS people, the AD&D people, the M:TG people. Fantasy cons will have subtle showdowns between the fans of Anne Rice and Anne McCaffrey. Trek cons, there are so many different types of Treks now that dissension is prevalent; arguments over who’s the best captain can jet really vicious. Not so for us... there’s just the most wonderful sense of camaraderie, of family. Of, it really is the best word, clan. We’re all brought together by our love and adoration for this one particular show[3]


Orlando, Florida

Yes, the masquerade was a visual feast for all! ... But last year's Best Couple wasn't through yet ... I don't know if this is the full story, but as I heard it, they met last year when he was Dracon and she was gargoyle-Elisa, and this year, right in the middle of the dance floor, he went to one knee and produced a ring and popped the big question. And to rousing cheers, she said yes and they kissed, and Greg loudly suggested they have the actual wedding at next year's Gathering! I don't know if they will, but wouldn't that be great?[4]


Los Angeles, California


June 28–30, 2000, Williamsburg, Virginia at the Holiday Inn Downtown Busch Gardens

While lower-key than some prior Gatherings, G2K2 was still a fun con. In a way, the lower-key approach helped, as it emphasized fan interaction more than activities.[5]


New York, New York


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

we all headed to Opening Ceremonies. Lots of fun, and Greg seemed to be having a wonderful time - both with the good news about the first season coming out on DVD and the Keith David gag. I also entertained myself by watching the DVD crew taping the documentary. It was amusing to watch the cameraman try to figure out what to film, and the expressions on all three of their faces when the crowd let loose with "It's better than Barney!" were absolutely priceless. They apparently didn't see it coming, even after Greg called OC the garg version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.[6]


The Gathering 2005 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 29 through August 1, 2005 at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.


Los Angeles, California

Overall, I must say I was amazed and delighted by how well the fan panels did this year. Even with everything else going on, with all the pro events of Saturday and Sunday in particular, the fan panels seemed to be very well-attended, with lively audiences and good questions and participation. That is so awesome![7]


June 22–25, 2007, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Chicago, Illinois


Los Angeles, California