Gambit (Star Trek: TOS story by M.L. "Steve" Barnes)

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Star Trek TOS Fanfiction
Title: Gambit
Author(s): M.L. "Steve" Barnes
Date(s): 1972
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Gambit is a Star Trek: TOS story by M.L. "Steve" Barnes.

It was published in Grup #1. It has a sequel called Yesterday Was for Dreaming in Grup #3.

Reactions and Reviews

... Many people liked the original story 'Gambit' in Grup #1, too, but many felt it was too close to 'This Side of Paradise.' [from the author, Barnes] "I must not tell my fans that this was an intentional thing. My Sheron was in actuality Leila. I simply changed her ancestry to Rigelian so that there would be more a chance of a compatible union between them. See, even back then I knew Spock was going to be a father." [1]

In search of a dilithium contract, our trio encounter Vulcan-like colonists suffering - or perhaps "enjoying" is a better term - strange effects from their new planet's atmosphere. Spock finds true love with one who has lost her voice but gained telepathy, and refuses to leave the planet though the atmosphere is quickly killing his Earthling companions. Rather too reminiscent of "This Side of Paradise." [2]