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Title: G.R.O.T.
Publisher: CityPress
Editor(s): Maggie Symon
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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G.R.O.T. is a gen humor Blake's 7 43-page anthology published in the UK.

"G.R.O.T." stands for "Get Rid of Tarrant."

There were many comments about this zine in the first few issues of On the Wing, a Tarrant-centric apa. Almost fans in that zine seemed to agree that the contents of "G.R.O.T." was too fluffy to be considered offensive or slanderous to their favorite character.


back cover
the table of contents
inside page


  • Triffid, "In the Mind"
  • Shah'na, "That Special Day"
  • Kay Fre, "The Adventures of Walter the Washing Machine and Tommy the Tumble Drier"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Bricked Up"
  • You Know Who [=Maggie Symon?] & The Other One, "The Plan"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Galactic Quiz"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Shaggy Tarrant Story"
  • Kay Fre, "Tarrant's Bad Day"
  • Simon Flett, "Pretty as a Picture"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Gisza-Jobba"
  • Anne Shepley, "Ping!"
  • Anne Shepley, "The Spanner"
  • The Other One, "His Secret"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Another Shaggy Tarrant Story"
  • Kurt Hallam, "The Day Trip"
  • Kay Fre, "Further Adventures of Walter the Washing Machine and Tommy the Tumble Drier"
  • Shah'na, "The Auxiliary Control Room Mystery"
  • Kurt Hallam, "Yet Another Shaggy Tarrant Story"
  • You Know Who, "The Job"
  • Kurt Hallam, "It's My Party"
  • Kurt Hallam, "And Yet Another Shaggy Tarrant Story"
  • Simon Flett, "A-Rach-Nid"


  • Maggie Symon, "Editorial"
  • You Know Who [=Maggie Symon?], "Joke"
  • MSy, "Joke"
  • MSy, "Tarrant Awards"
  • Shah'na, "Riddle-- Me"
  • MSy, "Touch of the Tarrants"
  • Shah'na, "Riddle-- Me" (answer to riddle)
  • MSy, "Jokes" (puns)
  • MSy, untitled afterword


  • Anne Shepley, "Tarrant's Song"
  • Anne Shepley, "Cause of the Merriment"
  • Anne Shepley, "A Man"
  • Shah'na, "DEL TARRANT"

Reactions and Reviews

Here is a scarce genzine that recently came my way in photocopy form (I'm still looking for originals). I don't recommend that you put a lot of effort into looking for it, but it's an amusing collectors' item if you happen to find it. The Tarrant stories are mild and IMO inoffensive; they're more like typical Vila joke-stories. [1]


  1. a review by Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site