Future Imperfect (Airwolf zine)

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Title: Future Imperfect
Author(s): Lorraine Beasley
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2007
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Airwolf
Language: English
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Future Imperfect is a gen Airwolf 255-page novel by Lorraine Beasley.

Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style:
Stringfellow Hawke wakes up to discover that life is not exactly as he remembers it, finding himself in a hospital, apparently having been in a coma for several months, and that he has a pretty, young wife, three beautiful children, and that his last name is Santini, not Hawke. Stringfellow Santini is a stranger, and at first Hawke finds his new life hard to accept, fearing another plot to seperate him from Airwolf. All he can do is play along, for now, to see where it leads him. However, the journey he undertakes has many surprises in store for him, not least the fact that he desperately wants all the things that Santini holds dear -- the wife, the children, and his beloved adoptive father, Dominic. Is it a dream, a conspiracy to steal Airwolf from him, or is he really the man they all believe him to be, Stringfellow Santini?