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Title: Fury Road (Fanzine)
Editor(s): Megan Woodrum and Kera
Date(s): 2016
Fandom: Mad Max Fury Road
External Links: Kickstarter, Archived version; Shiny and Chrome Tumblr, Archived version
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banner used on the Kickstarter page
banner used on the Kickstarter page

Fury Road (Fanzine) is a 112 page artzine of Mad Max Fury Road fan art. The October 2015 Kickstarter campaign raised $7,230 with 219 backers. The art zine has a planned ship date of Jan 2016. Over 75 artists contributed.[1]

From the FAQ:
"It will be 5.5 x 9.5" and glossy cover and interior. 100lbs glossy for the cover, 80lbs for the interior. Saddle stitched unless we have more than 40 artists, in which case we will do perfect binding."[2]

The editors announced that any excess funds above the costs of producing the fanzine and providing the artists with trib copies would be donated to a woman's shelter.[3]

The editors explained why they decided to publish a Fury Road art zine:

"But we were incredibly disappointed at the lack of merchandise available. Where’s our Bloodbag masks? Where’s our Valkyrie crow feather jackets? Where’s our Furiosa action figures?"[4]

The art book was featured in a Smashpages Oct 2015 article: Artists unite for ‘shiny and chrome’ Fury Road Fan Zine, Archived version


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