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Name: Fuckruary
Date(s): Februrary (2020, 2021)
Type: Fanfiction, Explicit/Erotic
Fandom: Lucifer (TV series)
Associated Community:
URL: FreakyFebruary on Tumblr
FuckruaryChallenge on Tumblr
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Fuckruary is a challenge in the Lucifer TV fandom. It runs through February and is specifically for erotic, sexual, or explicit fanfiction. The challenge is promoted and the rules are posted on Tumblr; works must be posted on Archive of Our Own in order to be counted on the roundup of works at the end of February.


This exchange produced 83 works in 2020.



Participants made 64 works for the 2021 round. Participants have the option of choosing between 84 prompts (three for every day in February). The prompts are divided into quotes (“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” for the 23rd), locations (Places for Entertainment, Feb 5), and Tropes/Kinks (Masturbation on the 19).[1]

The 2021 round introduced optional "special challenges," like writing a fic with an exact wordcount of 666. In order to be counted for the special challenges, the author would have to tag the name of the special challenge on AO3.[2]



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