Friendly Fire

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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Friendly Fire
Author(s): Barbara Watson
Date(s): 2002
Genre: het
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: P/T Dots Series (Part 1, Part 2 -- in development), Trekiverse

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Friendly Fire is a Star Trek: VOY Paris/Torres story by Barbara Watson.

It was the winner of a 2002 ASC Award.

Connect the Dots Series

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Reactions and Reviews

In the latest installment of Barb's Connect the Dots series, Barb continues to amaze me. I absolutely loved it. We get a wonderful portrayal of Chakotay's feelings concerning the relationship. I also love any time we are shown any of Tom's holodeck programs and the New Years Eve party is by far my favorite. From the invitation and Christmas gift, to the "threat" that Harry may tag along, to Tom's last minute attempt to make sure that Harry won't, to the party was absolutely wonderful and Barb's descriptions were dead on. Lastly, I was very impressed that Barb thought to include Lyndsay Ballard this early on. I can only sit patiently and wait for Barb to work her magic on the Harry-Lyndsay relationship as the Tom-B'elanna one progresses further. There is no doubt in my mind that Barb deserves this award for the second year in a row. [1]
Barbara's "Connect the Dots" series is highly ambitious and this latest edition thrills just as the previous ones did. As always, Barb seamlessly weaves her own material in with canon and her characterizations are right on. [2]
Wow! I love the "Connect the P/T Dots" series. This installment takes a few small details and weaves them into a warm and entertaining piece. The characters are so well-written, the dialogue very natural, and the introspective comments/paragraphs right on target. And the character names in the "steamy" novel -- what a hoot! The story has everything -- compelling characters [if they weren't so well-written, they would not be so compelling], interesting settings, humor, conflict, and romance. What a great read. [3]
I loved the first installment of the "PT Connect the Dots" series last year, "Barriers" and this latest episode does not disappoint. That story captured so well the early Paris and Torres when they were still getting to know each other and learning to trust. Trust is also a theme of this story as they build on their friendship. I liked the appearance of the amusement park from that story at the beginning of this one. Each story doesn't just connect the dots of the relationship though but interweaves it's own scenes and plot. Nor are other relationships neglected. The couples' interactions with Harry and Chakotay are well done too. The author really nails all the voices. (There are spots of humor too--I loved the excerpts of the "bodice-ripper" B'Elanna finds on a PADD. I thought the names of the hero and heroine of that one was a particularly nice touch). I loved the scene with the New Year's Eve party the most. Sweetly romantic. Barbara Watson is a skillful writer who really knows her craft and "PT Connect the Dots: Friendly Fire" reads as smoothly as any profic--only with the wealth of feeling with delivered by the best of fan fiction. [4]
The sweetest dance btw Paris and Torres in the internet. I am amazed at the depth, imagination, and hard work that the author put into the stories, balancing some disparaging eposides. The growing relationship here is so much more interesting than the show. [5]


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