Free to Be You and Me

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Title: Free to Be You and Me
Publisher: Ruth Kurz
Editor(s): Chris Lubs
Date(s): 1984
Series?: yes, all of H/J zines are
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
Language: English
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front cover

Free to Be You and Me is a slash Harry and Johnny 40-page collage of newspaper and magazine headlines, pictures, and greeting cards, a "fun zine," of material compiled Chris Lubs. Some of the collages were created as though they were made by Harry for Johnny or vice versa.

  • Graffiti by Sandy Hanson (Harry and Johnny) is the only Harry and Johnny text and is a very short description of Harry altering some graffiti to read "Harry Loves Johnny."
  • there is a racy set of recipes by Ima Fool