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Mailing List
Name: Freakngeek
Date(s): 5 April 2001 to January 2018
Moderated: Yes
Founder(s): David Lawrence
Type: Discussion
Fandom: Freaks and Geeks
Scope: Cancellation protest
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Freakngeek was a Yahoo group that had moderated posting, with 812 members at its close. The group's peak period was in 2000-2001. While posting diminished rapidly by 2010, when it was active it had as many as 1800 messages a month. Discussion began as a more organized form of the official site's chat structure. After the show's cancellation was certain, discussion shifted to news about the cast, show, appearances, merchandise, and occasional talk of lobbying for a continuation. A recurring chat was also held as well as meet ups organized after events such as the cast panel at San Diego Comic Con.


For fans interested in Watching and Saving the great TV show Freaks and Geeks! This board is meant to supplement the official board at the producer's site ( Members of this board will keep an eye out for the latest news on the official board and archive it here.

Sample Posts

March 30, 2000

>I don't understand what is going on over at the message board. Who are >these people? Well, I think that just ignoring it (the insanity) is >the best thing to do.

What is happening there is what happens on most boards without a registration system. People start playing posting games that have nothing to do with the board's subject. This happens everywhere on the Internet.

So the official board is more like a chat room (People even use the subject lines to communicate instead of writing messages) Not that that is bad, either. The official board is a great place to gather all of the fans and have lots of fun and energetic posts about the show.

This eGroup was created for those who don't necessarily have the time to sort through all those posts, and just want useful information. This eGroup can also serve as a searchable archive of old information and posts.

If you think this is a good idea, please get the word out to other F&G fans that this eGroup exists.

March 30, 2000

I appreciate your taking the initiative in creating this board. I refuse to visit the "official" board any more.

I don't have the time or the interest in scrolling through a lot of off the subject posts. I just want to know the most up to date and accurate info about the status of the show.

Thanks again for creating this board. Keep up the good work.

Oh, has anyone else sent in any money to Operation Haverchuck for the ad in Variety?

May 12, 2004

I teach a group of 9th and 10th graders....they are always asking me about when I grew up. I was wondering which 'Freaks and Geeks' show do you think best catches the 'growing up in the 80's' feel? Which one would you show to a group (I only have time for 1)

June 5, 2004

What happened to Operation Haverchuck? he site was back up when the DVD was released, but has disappeared again. There was some great stuff in there. Anyone know what happened?

April 20, 2010

Martin Starr made an appearance and he didn't know it. I was in the drive-thru at In N' Out Burger in Studio City near my home yesterday and I saw Martin Starr come out of the restaurant on his cell phone. He was pacing. Seemed serious. A few times he looked up at me. I smiled but didn't have the nerve to wave at or bother him. I met him a couple of times years ago when the cast was promoting the F&G DVD set. He was very nice and funny.

December 23, 2010

I haven't posted here in a few years, but I just started rewatching the DVDs again so my interest has been rekindled. He is wearing a sport jacket over his t-shirt. My impression of this is that Nick can be a fashionable guy when the occasion calls for it, but he could still be freak.