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Filk Album
Album Title: Frank Hayes Live!
Producer: Firebird Arts & Music
Type: Live
Date: 1991
Medium: Tape
Fandom: Multiple
Performer(s): Frank Hayes
Other: Part of Firebird's "Live!" performer series.
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Recorded from live performance at Bayfilk (year??); includes introductory commentary on some tracks.

Several of these songs were nominated for Pegasus Awards: Never Set the Cat On Fire won the award for Best Classic Filk Song in 2005, and Like A Lamb to the Slaughter for Best Risque Song in 1994. Little Fuzzy Animals was nominated for Best Creature Song in 2001 and S-100 Bus was nominated for Best Techie Song in 1989.

Track Listing

  • A1-Grandfather's Clock
  • A2-The Riddle Song
  • A3-Like a Lamb to the Slaughter
  • A4-S-100 Bus
  • A5-Moscow Nights
  • A6-Spring Break
  • B1-Never Set the Cat on Fire
  • B2-Little Fuzzy Animals
  • B3-Eban Post
  • B4-Moby
  • B5-Mary O'Meara Polka
  • B6-Lola