Fractured Discipline

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Title: Fractured Discipline
Author(s): Elizabeth Lowry
Date(s): 2000s
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Fractured Discipline is a slash Starsky/Hutch story by Elizabeth.

It was the winner of a 2006 SlaSHies.

Reactions and Reviews

Once again, we've got the boys returning to work post-SR, and Hutch isn't coping too well. His fear for Starsky is a near-tangible creature that he wrestles to control, over and over again, and though he devises a "system" to reign it in (there are flowcharts and everything!), you wonder if he ever truly gets the clampdown on it, despite his own thoughts on the matter. In the midst of all this agonizing, the Blintz has fallen in love with Starsk, but hides the fact behind his other secrets. Just as the two of them start down the path to exploring new aspects of their relationship, a tense work-related situation comes up that throws Starsky right back into danger, and Hutch back into the arms of his fear. Will they ever get a chance to figure things out? A good, long fic that's got bits and pieces of many of the aspects that can make great S/H: caring, love, humor, action, drama, sex, plot, and some delicate pieces of writing, too. Though the author occasionally slips in a Brit-ism that might give the reader pause, this story shouldn't be dismissed for such temporary lapses. I'd recommend this piece solely for the exploration of Hutch and the intriguing insights into his development she gives us, but the rest ain't half bad, either ;) [1]
Superb story - I love long stories that mix whole episode length action with slash. [2]
this is one of my favorite stories, so much so that I gushed endlessly to the author begging her to write again in S/H. she's said she has other story ideas, so I'm holding my breath. which reminds me: her Hutch in this story is so wonderfully analytical, just like the guy figuring out how long before they would run out of oxygen in the airtight room in Omaha Tiger. her Starsky is also dead on, and the tension and angst and beauty of this piece has made me return to it again and again. [3]
Elizabeth's Fractured Discipline is long, contains a great case and wonderful tension, and is the only thing she ever posted. Sigh. [4]


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