Forever Knight Stories by Lorelei Sieja

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Name: Forever Knight
Stories by Lorelei Sieja
Type: personal fanfic archive
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: Forever Knight Stories
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Forever Knight Stories by Lorelei Sieja is Lorelei Sieja's personal website, primarily for archiving her Forever Knight fan fiction. Besides that, the site includes Lorelei's blog, some pictures from Star Trek: Voyager, and one Stargate SG-1 story.

Forever Knight Fan Fiction

Most of Lorelei's stories fall into two series. One of these, the "Voyager" series, is a Forever Knight/Star Trek: Voyager crossover. The other, the "Dance" series, is an AU based on Season Three.

The Voyager Series

In this 24th century SF series, Nick Knight is a maquis rebel who joins the crew of the Starship Voyager.

  • The Voyager series:
    • "The Persecuted" (1999)
    • "Redemption of The Damned" (1999)
    • "Knight of the Undead" (January 2000)
    • "Children of the Night" (June 2000)
    • "The Nighthawk" (May 2003)

The Dance Series

In this series, Nick is involved with Urs, LaCroix brings Tracy across, and no one but Divia died in "Ashes to Ashes".

  • The Dance series:
    • "The Last Dance" (October 1999)
    • "Dance with The Devil" (November 1999)
    • "Dance of the Undead" (November 1999)
    • "Waltz in the Sky" (January 2000, available in two forms, adult and edited)
    • "Christmas Waltz" (January 2000)
    • "Dance of the Hours" (February 2000)
    • "Tap Dance" (February 2000)
    • "Dead Swans" (March 2000)
    • "Lord of the Dance" (March 2000)
    • "Tango Del Amore" with Tammy Sieja (July 2000)
    • "Dancing in the Dark" (July 2000)
    • "The Dance of Dominance" (September 2000) NOTE: dead link
    • "Dance with Destiny" (September 2000)
    • "Street Dance" (October 2000, available in two forms, adult and edited)
    • "Moon Dance" (December 2000)
    • "Dancing the Knight Away" (January 2001)
    • "Dances with Werewolves" (May 2001, crossover with Early Edition and The Pretender)
    • "Dance of Dreams" (July 2002, unfinished)

Other Forever Knight Fan Fiction

  • "Song Without Words" (October 1998)
  • "End of the Knight" (1998)
  • "Unfixed" (1999)
  • "Sons of Darkness, Child of Light" (August 2000)

Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction

One story only:

  • "Double Ducks" (2003)