Forever Ficathon

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Name: Forever Ficathon
Date(s): December 30, 2014 - present
Moderator(s): truthisademurelady and argylepirateWD
Founder: truthisademurelady
Type: general
Fandom: Forever (TV series)
Associated Community:
AO3 Collection
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Forever Ficathon is a Forever ficathon challenge.


In late 2014, Tumblr user truthisademurelady hosted the first Forever Ficathon through her blog.[1] Its theme was "Henry Morgan's Seven Drunken Nights," and the 7 works created for the event were posted on AO3 during the week of December 30, 2014 - January 5, 2015. Since then, the Forever Ficathon has expanded. It was moved to its own blog for its fourth round, the "It's a Long Story WIP Finishing Week."


For a typical ficathon, authors sign up via Tumblr, Twitter, or email, and then have a number of weeks to complete a story based on a particular theme. Works are posted to a moderated, unrevealed AO3 collection, and during the scheduled ficathon week, several stories are revealed each day and are promoted on the ficathon's Tumblr by the mod. Authors do not have to be Tumblr users to participate, as most important announcements are sent by email, but they are required to have an AO3 account.

In most ficathons, the required minimum word count has been 2000 words. For the Tropes Gone Wild Ficathon, the minimum was changed to 1000 words. For special events such as the Forever Holiday Exchange in 2015, and Hug Henry Morgan Day in 2016, the minimum was reduced to 500 words.

List of the Ficathons

So far, there have been ten ficathons:


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