For Tomorrow May Never Come Again

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Title: For Tomorrow May Never Come Again
Publisher: Double Dutch Productions
Author(s): S.L. Schneider
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991 or before
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Shadow Chasers
Language: English
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For Tomorrow May Never Come Again is a 34-page gen Shadow Chasers novel by S.L. Schneider. It is a follow-up to the episode "Ahead of Time."


From an ad in The Monthly: "Find out what comes of tampering with history."

From an ad in I.Z.I.: "Follow Laurie Wilson back to Benny and Jonathan's future - where all does not live happily after, for Laurie has changed more than she bargained for. Just as Nature abhors a vacuum, history hates an anomaly. It's a lesson Benny and Jonathan are going to learn the hard way."

From an ad in Zine Scene: "A SHADOW CHASERS time-travel story—sequel to the episode "Ahead of Time." Laurie Wilson not only changed the past, but her own present, as well. Not it's up to Edgar Benedek's previously nonexistent son to set things straight."

From an ad in For Your Information: "A look into the possible consequences of Laurie kiilson's appearance in "Ahead of Time". Now that she's changed the past, what will her present be like? Will a second foray into the lives of Jonathan MacKensie and Edgar Benedek sake things better...or worse?"