For Her For Him

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Title: For Her For Him
Author(s): nomdeplume1313
Date(s): July 8 - July 26, 2007
Length: 112k words, 42 chapters
Genre: Yaoi, Mpreg, Adventure, Romance
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
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For Her For Him is a 2007 Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction by nomdeplume1313.

As the story begins, Riza, who is pregnant by Roy, has just been shot in the head during a fight with rebels. Using alchemy, Edward attempts to save her life, but is unable to. As a last resort, he performs a transmutation that transfers the pregnancy to his body. Edward is then put under Roy's care, and the two men slowly develop a relationship, although Roy still grieves for Riza.

The author calls it "my best attempt at a plausible MPreg", and the fic explains that Edward's transmutation removed his appendix and gallbladder in exchange for growing a "mock uterus". Edward also is given female hormones in order that the offspring can continue growing without harm. Later in the fic, a birth passage opens suddenly in Edward's body, and closes up after the delivery.

The fic mostly follows the plot of the 2003 FMA anime, with some changes and the addition of an OC: Raine Mustang, a doctor who is Roy's older sister. One subplot involves Frank Archer who was in a sexual relationship with Roy in the past.

The author went on to write a 283k-word sequel, Worlds Collide later in 2007, and a collection of side-stories, The Rest of the Story in 2007-2008.


Alright, so I definitely just recently got into the FMA fandom after watching FMA the original series, and I've been reading around and haven't gotten to review. But I adore this story. It is so well done, and I'm so glad someone did a take on RoyEd that wasn't just a "secretly they've both been hiding the lust boiling in their veins for each other" perspective. That can be plenty sexy, but a fresh take on how they came to be as a couple was much appreciated. Much love to you, and I've read your sequel and love it too- expect a review from me on that one soon.[1]
I don't normally read mpreg but I've heard really good things about this story so I gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did. You did a wonderful job with the Roy/Ed relationship and the characterizations of the whole cast. It felt very real. I love how you incorporated the series into the story, too. The Archer/Roy was chilling but very interesting. I always thought there was something there when I was watching the show and I love the background you gave them in the Academy. Wrath is my favorite homunculus and I loved how you characterized him and his connection to Ed.[2]


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