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Title: Fooms
Author(s): Glenn Wallace
Date(s): May 1, 1994
Length: 16K
Genre: parody
Fandom: X-Files
External Links: online here

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Fooms is an X-Files story by Glenn Wallace.

It was posted to and is one of the earliest X-Files story posted to a public list.[1]

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Author's Summary

"Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious death in Chicago, then run into an oddball cast of TV characters in their investigation."

Reactions and Reviews

 :) YES!!! A parody worthy of the X-Files! Nice work! [2]

That was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever read on the internet. You HAVE to film that. You'll probably have to change the names for copyright reasons but still, do it. I would love to see that on tape! Congrats! Great script! [3]

That parody was simply mahvelous, dahling. Now could you post it again? It scrolled off already and I think there are some folks out there who missed it. Thanks! [4]


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