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Name: FicLab (previously Flagfic, FLAG)
Owner/Maintainer: Erayd LTD
Dates: 2016 – present
Type: downloader
URL: www.flagfic.com (defunct)
www.ficlab.com/ (current)
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Flagfic or FLAG was a fanfiction downloader often used on Fanfiction.net. As of August 2014, it is temporarily down pending new hosting.

Currently called FicLab from 2016, became a browser addon that allows to download stories directly from supported websites in a number of different e-book formats. The extension is available for recent versions of web browsers Chrome and Firefox.

In response to possible use for plagiarism of the site, there is a FAQ page for authors with questions and answers on how to go about preventing the extension from being used in their works.

Download & Plagiarism

FicLab offers several options for you to block your stories from being downloaded here:

  • Tag your story with ‘no-download’ or ‘!download’
  • Include the text “saving this story for offline reading is not permitted” anywhere in the story summary / description.
  • Include the text “no downloads” at the end of the story summary / description

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to stop users from downloading stories via other services, or from extracting the text from the original site. Blocking FicLab from creating ebooks of your story cannot prevent plagiarism, and generally only inconveniences legitimate readers.

Supported Sites

FicLab now it supports the following websites:

  • fanfiction.net
  • wattpad.com
  • archiveofourown.org
  • literotica.com
  • asianfanfics.com
  • starslibrary.net
  • inkitt.com
  • fimfiction.net
  • fictionpress.com