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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Fishgoat's Silly and Sundry Slash
Author: Fishgoat
Dates: 05 June 2000 or before - 13 May 2001 or later (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback link)
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Fishgoat's Silly and Sundry Slash was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was a member of the Force Boyz SW Slash webring.

The Python Side of the Force

Monty Python/Phantom Menace

These stories are archived on The Ministry of Silly Fic. The first three are also archived on the Master and Apprentice archive. Thank you, Auntie Krizu and sockii, for hosting my early fic attempts :)

The Dead Jedi Sketch (6K)

Rating: PG for implied slash (Q/O)
My first fic....aww, isn't it cute?!?
See Jade's version of "The Pet Shop" sketch (aka the Dead Parrot Sketch) done with TPM action figures!

The Tale of Sir Obi-Wan (11K)

Rating: PG for implied slash (Q/O)

The Tale of Sir Maul (13K)

Rating: PG for kissing and the odd grope (Q/O, O/DM)

How to Become a Jedi, Python Style (aka The Bridge of Death) (7K)

Rating: PG for implied slash (Q/O)

Monty Python/The Sentinel

The Dead Sentinel Sketch (6K)

Rating: PG for two gorgeous men kissing. (J/B)
Monty Python meets The Sentinel. Oh gods, she's at it again....

The Sentinel

I've only recently gotten involved in this fandom via the 852 Prospect archive. Keep in mind I actually haven't seen the show yet. ["...tapes...must get tapes...."]

Thinninglocks and the Three Blairs (15K)

Rating: NC-17 for full frontal nudity and silliness. (J/B)
A very silly bedtime story.

Too Much Of A Good Thing (6K)

Rating: NC-17 for nudity and sex. (J/B)
Jim gets too much of a good thing.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Did I mention I have a Jedi fetish? Especially those boots...and those moves...and those robes....and the boots....argghhhh!!!! [sounds of author drowning in drool]...who cares about the characters, I just want the costumes!!! Not so, I lie....

These Aren't The Green Eggs and Ham You're Looking For (6K)

Rating: PG-17 for profanity and a small bit of nudity (Q/O)
Obi-Wan seduces Qui-Gon with a little help from Dr. Seuss.

Guess (13K)

Rating: NC-17 explicit sex (Q/O)
The guys play a game.

Guess Again (11K)

Rating: NC-17 explicit sex (Q/O)
"Guess" from Qui-Gon's POV.

Evil Is As Evil Does (22K)

Rating: PG for implied slash and violence, homophobia (f/f, Q/O)
A Jedi Master gets help from the guys after her Padawan is killed.

Believe It (6K)

Rating: PG-17 for two lovely, nekkid men in bed cuddling (Q/O)
My answer to mac's challenge to write a story with the opening line:
"Obi-Wan, no one will ever believe we're lovers!"

Believe It Or Not (12K)

Rating: PG for unadulterated mushiness (Q/O)
Sequel to "Believe It".

I Believe You (25K)

Rating: NC-17 explicit sex (Q/O)
Second sequel to "Believe It". Someone rescue me from these damned plot bunnies!!

Would You Believe...? (24K)

Rating: PG for implied slash and extreme silliness (Q/O)
The LAST sequel (really!!) to "Believe It".

More Interactive Menace (3K)

Rating: PG for implied slash (various)
Not really a fic, but more silly things to yell while watching The Phantom Menace collector's edition video. Inspired by Sith Wars: The Interactive Menace.

Stupid Jedi Jokes (5K)

Rating: G-PG17 for violence, slash, gore, silliness, and all around REALLY bad taste.... (O/DM)
I think the title says it all. *WEG*

My story Opening the Eighth Gate has been accepted for publication in Ten Eye Press' 'zine Rituals and Meditations, Vol. I: The Jedi Temple (Gail Riordan, darthhellokitty, and Ruth Gifford, ed.). For more information contact Gail at [...].

Challenges: Snippets, Limericks, etc. (9K)

Rating: PG-NC-17 (various)
A collection of the challenges I have been involved with.

AYS: The Legend Continues (15K) NEW!

Rating: PG-13 for rather gross mental images and some incidental sex play. (A/Ami, A/m, m/f)
Summary: A story is told in a cantina far, far away. A companion piece to an in-progress AU story called "At Your Service".


I have decided to put all my filk in one place. Easier to avoid that way. *WEG*

Never Be Rude To An Ewok (3K) (TPM/MP)

Rating: PG for death by lightsabre (no slash)

The 'Sabre Song (The "Not Sy Snootles" Song) (3K) (TPM/MP)

Rating: PG for implied violence and any innuendo you care to add :) (no slash)

Que Sera, Sera (2K) (SW prequels)

Rating: G absolutely slash free!
Obi-Wan muses on his life. (This is what happens when I get bored during rehearsal....)

Drunken Jedi (3K) (SW)

Rating: PG-17 for sex and violence
Summary: What do you do with a drunken Jedi?

Adam Bertocci has created his own collection of Star Wars/Monty Python filk, including versions of "Never Be Rude To An Arab" and "The Penis Song". To see it, go to

Essays and Other Non-Fiction

Essays and Such by Fishgoat

  • Seduced By The Slashy Side Of The Force (5K) - Wherein Fishgoat tells how the hell she ended up writing slash, of all things.
  • What's With The Jedi Thing??? (11K) - Some thoughts on Fishgoat's Star Wars obsession in general, and Q/O in particular.
  • The TMI-Temple Intro Questionnaire (4k) - Ah, the things they make you do when you join a mailing list....

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