Fire and Ice (Draco/Ginny archive)

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Name: Fire and Ice
Date(s): 2004 - present
Archivist: Mynuet, Megh, Lyndsie, and Anise
Founder: Mynuet, Megh
Type: Draco/Ginny fanfic, runs efiction
Fandom: Harry Potter
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The Fire and Ice Archive was established by Mynuet and Megh in 2004 and is the largest D/G archive, with 21,719 members and 754 authors on the site. The site also contains a forum and Fire and Ice Classics Library - a fic recs site. The site hosts Secret Santa exchanges.


Top Tens

The site has "Top Tens" lists for:

  • 10 Smallest Series
  • 10 Largest Series
  • 10 Most Favorite Series
  • 10 Most Reviewed Series
  • 10 Longest Stories
  • 10 Shortest Stories
  • 10 Most Favorite Stories
  • 10 Most Reviewed Stories
  • 10 Most Read Stories
  • 10 Most Prolific Authors
  • 10 Most Favorite Authors
  • 10 Most Prolific Reviewers
  • 10 Most Popular Skins
  • 10 Most Tracked Stories

Fire and Ice Classics Library