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Name: Finfar
Dates: 2000-
Frequency: Annual
Location: Finland (location changes every year)
Focus: Science fiction and fantasy research
Organization: The Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research
Founding Date:
URL: Finfar
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Finfar is a Finnish academic seminar for scholars of fantasy and science fiction, organised by The Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research. The conference is organised usually a part of Finncon.

We welcome all kinds of work focusing on science fiction and fantasy, whether you are working towards a seminar essay, article, MA thesis or a PhD. Papers can be in either Finnish, Swedish or English, but if you wish to receive feedback from the international participants in the seminar, we recommend writing in English. We also aim to produce a joint publication in English on the basis of selected seminar papers.[1]


  1. Finfar XIV call for papers