Final Fantasy XV

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Name: Final Fantasy XV (ファイナルファンタジーXV)
Abbreviation(s): FFXV, FF15
Creator: Square Enix
Date(s): November 29, 2016
Medium: PS4, xbox One, PC
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Square Enix official FFXV site
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Final Fantasy XV is the fifteenth game in the Final Fantasy series. It was released in 2016, with additional DLC content released through early 2019. The canon material also includes an anime titled "Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV," which includes stories of the protagonists' childhoods, and a full-length movie titled "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV" which focuses on members of the elite Kingsglaive fighting force in Insomnia. A novel with alternate storylines titled "Dawn of the Future" has been released in Japanese and is pending English translation. The primary emotional focus of the game is on the brotherhood and friendship between Noctis and his three friends: his royal shield Gladiolus Amicitia, his adviser Ignis Scientia, and his high school friend Prompto Argentum.


Final Fantasy XV follows Noctis Lucis Caelum on his journey to fulfill his destiny as the King of Light, ridding the world of daemons. He starts out on a road trip with his three best friends to meet his betrothed, the Oracle Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, but things go quickly off the rails.


Primary protagonists:

Primary antagonists:


The nature of the gameplay, where the focus is on four attractive men traveling the world on a roadtrip and there are extensive opportunities both for banter and for them to express their care for each other, gave rise to a large fandom primarily focused on m/m relationships. This was helped along by a kinkmeme[1] with a lot of traffic. Additionally, the fandom had heavy usage of fanweeks, primarily run on Tumblr.


The popularity of different ships rose and fall based on the DLC content released by Square Enix. In the early fandom Noctis Lucis Caelum/Prompto Argentum was a popular ship, and its popularity skyrocketed following the release of Episode Prompto, which focused on Prompto's story on his own in Niflheim and his struggle with self-worth. This ship remained the most popular in the fandom until the release of Episode Ignis, at which point Noctis Lucis Caelum/Ignis Scientia overtook it in terms of the rate of content production. Episode Ignis included Ignis making heavy sacrifices to protect Noctis, and also included an alternate "happy" ending that many fans who were unhappy with the main canon ending latched on to. The fandom is also notable for the volume of fanworks in which all four main protagonists are shipped as a group (Gladiolus Amicitia/Prompto Argentum/Noctis Lucis Caelum/Ignis Scientia).


  • chocobros - the four main protagonists are collectively referred to as the "chocobros," a mashup of "bros" and "chocobo."
  • Verse 2 - the alternate ending of Episode Ignis, sometimes referred to as "Episode Ignis Verse 2"
  • brotherhood - the prequel anime to FFXV