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Name: Final Fantasy Press
Date(s): November 2005 - 2011
Moderator: Renay
Founder: Renay
Fandom: Final Fantasy
URL: [1]

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Final Fantasy Press is a LiveJournal newsletter for the Final Fantasy metafandom. It was originally founded by Renay in the fall of 2005, then relaunched in November 2005 with the new Volume 1, Issue 1. The initial publication schedule was irregular; it moved to a daily format around June 2006. The newsletter links to fanfiction, fanart, icons, vids, and news and discussions relating to the Final Fantasy games on LiveJournal. It will link to any related post on its watchlist that conforms to its header policy.[1]

At the start, Renay was the only compiler for the newsletter, but she was soon joined by a team of editors: animecrush, Seventhe, and Sirea.

Final Fantasy Press was discontinued when the relaunch of Delicious destroyed the usefulness of the tools the mods had used to compile the newsletter.

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