Final Fantasy Kiss Battle

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Gift Exchange
Name: Final Fantasy Kiss Battle
Date(s): 2015–present
Moderator(s): seventhe
Founder: Seventhe
Scope: Final Fantasy
Fandom: Final Fantasy
URL: ff-kissbattle livejournal kissbattle! tag on seventhe's Dreamwidth, which contains event info 2011-present
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Final Fantasy Kiss Battle is a gift exchange of fanart, fanfic, and fanvids for all Final Fantasy fandoms. It follows a Prompt meme format, where participants post prompts and may contribute to as many posted prompts as they would like.


Livejournal account for running the 2010 Exchange


Announcement on Dreamwidth by seventhe


AO3 Collection for 2023 Event Y’ALL it is TIME for the FINAL FANTASY KISS BATTLE!!! -- Promotional post for the 2023 Event on Tumblr, posted by queenlua

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