Final Fantasy Exchange

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Name: Final Fantasy Exchange
Date(s): February 2007 - February 2016 (last entry)
Moderator(s): Justira, Renay, Seventhe
Founder: Justira, Renay, Seventhe
Type: Gift Exchange
Fandom: Final Fantasy
Associated Community: "LiveJournal Community". Archived from the original on 2013-04-17.
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Final Fantasy Exchange (FFEX) is a gift exchange for the Final Fantasy metafandom. It allows both fanfiction and fanart, and all Final Fantasy canons are eligible. Two rounds of the exchange have now run: one from February through April 2007, and a second from June through September 2009. FFEX was the joint creation of Justira, Renay, and Seventhe, and the three of them served as moderators in both rounds.

How It Works

The exchanges starts when sign-ups open. The timing has varied in the past; future rounds are planned to run in the spring. Participants are allowed to submit up to three prompts, including fandom, canon, characters/pairings, and themes they would like to see in a story or artwork, along with any squicks or triggers they would prefer to avoid. At the same time, participants list the fandoms, canons, etc. that they are and are not willing to create fanworks for. Once the exchange closes, the mods match requests and preferences. In the past, this was done manually[1], which is a big task given the number of canons involved (seventeen in the 2009 round, not counting crossovers).[2] The exchange has fairly strict quality guidelines -- stories need to be at least 1000 words long, and artwork is to be polished.[3] The use of a beta is recommended, and FFEX provides sponsored betas for both fiction and art.

After a period of about six weeks for writing, the community opens for posting. Participants post under their own name; gifts are not anonymous. Posting is typically open for one week. After that time, the exchange moves into its next phase: Moogle Fluff. The prompts of any participant without a gift are posted anonymously, and anyone, including non-participants is welcome to post stories or art based on these prompts. Moogle Fluff gifts do not need to meet the standard quality guidelines -- they are meant to tide over someone who is waiting for an official gift. Meanwhile, late posting continues for another week or so, and the mods also assign backup gifters to anyone who defaulted.

Once the late and backup gifts are all posted, the round closes. At that point, all unwritten prompts are made public anonymously, and the Chocobo Down phase begins. Anyone is welcome to post fanworks for any of the prompts, but the moderators also assign penalties to participants who missed the posting deadline and/or defaulted. Participants who defaulted and wish to participate in future rounds must create the assigned number of fanworks, and these must meet FFEX quality guidelines.[3]

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