Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

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Name: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Abbreviation(s): FF:TSW
Creator: Square Pictures
Date(s): 2001
Medium: Theatrical Movie
Country of Origin: Japan/USA
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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is the theatrical Final Fantasy movie. It is a stand-alone sci-fi flick, as many fans of Final Fantasy will lament, but it carries many of the same themes and several callbacks to the hit RPG franchise.


In the year 2065, the world has been invaded by hostile aliens known as Phantoms. Humanity has withdrawn into sheltered domed cities to survive. One prominent scientist, Aki Ross, believes she holds the key to defeating the aliens, but is at odds with General Douglas Hein, who sees her as an alien spy, and confronted by an old flame, Grey Edwards, on whom she walked out to protect. Also thrown into the mix are Grey's squadron, the Deep Eyes (Ryan, Jane, and Neil), Aki's mentor Sid, Hein's sideman Major Elliot(t), and the Phantoms themselves.