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Title: Fifty
Publisher: Vision Quest Press
Date(s): August 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Quantum Leap
Language: English
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Fifty is a slash 50-page Quantum Leap anthology centered around the theme of Al's 50th birthday. It contains five stories. Art by Alia Jones, cover art by Emma.

  • Birthday Talk by Kylara Ingress (Author's Notes from the online version: "AUTHOR'S NOTES: This was either published or slated to be published in a special zine to celebrate Sam's 50th, which would've been 8/8/03. Can't remember if the zine actually got published - Hannie? DEDICATION: figured sending this out for Shamrock's birthday is enough of a dedication. Also a quick shout out to Scribe Mozell, who's style this is blatantly ripped off of ;-).") (3)
  • Forever by Seonai (5)
  • Wherever He Is by Minna Harper (18)
  • This Year's Gift by Dean Warner (35)
  • Consequences by Noel Goddard (Sam learns the hard way that there are consequences for his actions.) (42)