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Fido the Fanfiction.Net Police Dog was created in August 1999 for FanFiction.Net when the fiction archive site was about ten months old.

The "mascot" was created in response to fan complaints about reviews and feedback. It is unclear what Fido actually did.

Fido was created by Chris Adams [1].

A similar mascot, but one that was probably more encouraging, was Quizilla's Penny the Pencil Monster!.


We are proud to announce a new member of FanFiction.Net workforce. Please welcome Fido the FanFiction.Net Police Dog! This is not a joke. Fido represents our next generation rating/review system security. If you happen to be one of the devious few who tries to ruin it for the rest of us, you better watch out for Fido. For clarification purposes Fido is a "cyber" dog that only exists as a part of our rating system security. Please do not donate DogChow or any other canine perishables to FanFiction.Net. [2]

Some June 1999 Comments Leading Up to Fido

We would like to take this moment to clarify that we do not condone non-contstructive and verbally offensive reviews submitted by individuals. It is literally impossible for a computer to distinguish a "dirty" review from a real one. Please take this to heart when you email the administrators regarding this subject. One author suggest that we implement a "closed" review system where only registered users can submit reviews. What do you people think about this idea? Let us know! (


A few authors have recently complained that their stories are being ripped upon by abusive reviewers and demanded that the team fix this "error" or else they will not upload any further stories. Here is our take: If you expect Eden than this is the wrong place. As much as we would like to help we cannot "guard" stories from "bad" or "abusive" reviews. Yes, fanfiction is supposed to be fun and such but a lot of fanfiction lovers also take it quite seriously. If we expect fanfiction to garner mainstream respect than we have to also accept mainstream criticism.

Due to popular demand, all reviews from now on will carry the rating score given by the reviewer. This way, there won't be any guessing as to who dropped you out of the Top20. ;-)


As a result of complaints regarding recent rating system abuses, all rating submissions from now on must be accompanied by a review. This is the first step ensure the integrity of's rating system. If you have suggestion of how we can further reduce abuse please use the feedback and let us know. Your feedback are sorely needed.

We are glad to see so many readers rating/reviewing the fanfics on this site. Just a reminder to not be too harsh on the authors. Remember to offer "constructive" criticisim. =) I have seen a few reviews where the reviewers barely came short of calling the author a plagiarist based on suspicion. Those are tough words to chew on for any person. If you have complains of that sort, please email administrators or email the author directly. [3]

Fido Fic

  • a bit of metafic starring Fido, Lara Croft, and Fox Mulder: The Fido Mystery -- "Fido, the Fanfiction guard dog, had just finished chowing down on some unwary reviewers and flamers who had tried to review the same story twice. He spit out their flaming carcasses and burped loudly. The Fanfiction net master patted him on the head. "Good Fido. You keep those nasty, evil double-reviewers away."" (Feb 25, 2001)


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