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Name: #ficwip / #fandomwip
Date(s): January 2018 - present
Moderator: museaway
Founder: museaway
Type: Twitter chat + discord
Fandom: multifandom
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#ficwip is a community for fic writers that was started by museaway in 2018. From its inception, it has welcomed writers in any fandom and allowed all ships.

The original #ficwip was a weekly Twitter chat, which derived from Coffee Shop Sunday, part of the 2014 Spock Prime Big Bang.[1] During a chat, fic authors would share a snippet from a WIP using the hashtag #ficwip. Interaction with and between authors was encouraged. Chats typically included additional writing questions to encourage public conversation about fic writing.

#ficwip logo

In early 2020, the original chat was replaced by #wordgamewednesday, started in reaction to the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19.[1] The #ficwip twitter posts a new word every Wednesday and challenges authors to find it in their WIPs and share the sentence.

Muse started #ficwip as a casual activity for friends after noticing the lack of writing chats that welcomed fic writers.[1] The first chats were held weekly on Wednesdays via muse's personal Twitter account, and were mostly comprised of writers from the Supernatural fandom. The chat moved to weekends to accommodate participants' schedules, taking place across Saturday and Sunday. In 2019, muse started a dedicated Twitter account so all snippets could be retweeted and archived, and moved the chat to Sundays. In 2020, ficwip ran on a fixed schedule: the second Sunday of every month beginning at 1pm ET.

Discord server

The #ficwip community opened a discord server on September 6, 2019. It welcomes creators from all fandoms, including artists. Writers have a daily check-in. The server sometimes hosts exchanges and other small fests for its members.


In 2018 and 2019, the Twitter and Discord hosted #finishupfeb to encourage people to check boxes on their to-do lists. It was later replaced by the ongoing discord-based challenge The Fic That Haunts You.

In 2020, #ficwip adopted a 5k AU event that previously ran as part of the Dean/Cas Tropefest. The first #ficwip 5k posted in July 2020 and runs annually.

#ficwip also adopted the Hey, Sweetheart challenge that muse had run in the Star Trek fandom in 2014. It's now an annual all-fandoms Valentine's Day event.

The Thy'la Bang (a Kirk/Spock bang) and The Night Pool (a RinHaru event series) are both affiliated with #ficwip.


  • ficwip is pronounced fic + whip[1]
  • It is always written in lowercase letters and as a single word[1]