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Mailing List
Name: FictionAlleyWriters and FictionAlley Writers Consortium (later "FictionAlleyWriters and Artists" and FAWA))
Date(s): July 2001-February 2002 (FictionAlleyWriters), then FictionAlleyWriters and Artists)
URL: FictionAlleyWriters also called "FictionAlley Writers' Consortium." [1] Then: FictionAlleyWriters and Artists
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FictionAlleyWriters (FAWA) was a Harry Potter Yahoo Group related to FictionAlley.

Read the first message: here.

Early Description

"A group for all writers who post at FictionAlley, the new Harry Potter Fanfiction Website at, and its subdomains, including (novel-length fanfics), ArtisticAlley, and the forthcoming domains for humor, romance and drama&mystery; fics."


Later Description

The Coder's List of what you can do to speed your fic's upload:

Message history for FictionAlleyWriters and Artists, messages after 2003 are likely spam

Spell check! In days of yore we didn't accept Word documents - now we do. Word has a lovely spell checker and dictionary to which every canon words can be added. Do so. Some of the names just beg to be mangled. Your fic need not be returned because "Voldemort" was transmogrified into "Voldermort". However, even the best spell checker can't decide if you should've used "there" instead of "their".

Grammar check! Word also has a somewhat less wonderful, but better than nothing, mechanism to help you do this. Don’t trust its suggestions on dialogue. For some reason, it cannot figure out that "Mary Sue fics are boring." She said. is wrong. It should be "Mary Sue fics are boring," she said. Use it before sending your fic to your beta.

Don't include VB code in the file. Please. HTML is what we use in fics. Basic HTML. If you saved as HTML, you should be fine. Don't get fancy. Not all browsers support it.

Think boring black and white. Background colors will likely be removed. Colored text is ok, but spare your reader's eyes and don't go wild. Black text is good & noble. [2]


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  2. FictionAlleyWriters and Artists