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Newsletter Community
Name: Femslash Today - Your Daily Femslash Newsletter
Date(s): 2005-11-22 - ongoing
Moderator: ariestess, yetanothermask, thenewhope, quasiradiant, kidmarathon, reinadefuego
Founder: thenewhope
Fandom: Femslash
URL: http://community.livejournal.com/femslash_today/; archive link

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Femslash Today is part of the girlwank family of journals on Livejournal. It is maintained by a team of volunteers. While f_t is primarily a newsletter, it also hosts challenges such as the femslash porn battle.


The newsletter is the primary activity on the community. It is compiled by volunteer archivists who sign up for two months at a time and link to all femslash fanworks that are posted/promoted on the feed of girl-reader, f_t's watch journal, or submitted by people commenting on previous newsletters. Though the community is set up to have an update daily, lack of volunteers sometimes means several days' worth of updates are combined into one post.

The newsletter does cover Marvel Comics and DC Comics as well as Harry Potter (as of February 2009), but does not cover anime/manga/cartoon/video game fandoms as they are covered by yuritoday.[1]

Challenges and Ficathons

Periodically, the community hosts porn battles and other ficathons. As of 6 April 2011 any fanworks created for these challenges can be uploaded to the Femslash_Today Porn Battles Collection on AO3. The list of past challenges are:

Community Response

In March 2008, thenewhope posted a "State of the Comm" soliciting feedback. Response was overwhelmingly positive, many people praising its scope,[2] the challenges,[3] and the fact that it collects everything neutrally rather than subjectively evaluating fanworks for inclusion.[4] Some people critiqued the lack of a cut-tag when the post is long[5] (cuts have subsequently been instituted), the fact that all fanworks for Joss Whedon properties are posted together (particularly the lack of separation between Buffy+Angel and Firefly),[6] and the lack of coverage of book fandoms.[7] Several people asked that content ratings be added to the newsletter,[8] but others pointed out that this would be difficult as many authors do not include them in their headers.[9] There were also multiple requests that an index by fandom be added,[10] but others pointed out that the existing tags functioned as an index.[11]


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