Fauna Urbana (news portal)

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Name: Fauna Urbana
Date(s): 2009-present
Moderator: see below
Founder: see below
Type: online, news portal
Fandom: Furry Fandom
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Because Brazil always lacked an unbiased source of news about furry fandom, Reyres, Ekevoo and Tanuki Gokuhi made plans to create a news portal. After months of planning, they asked for permission to Jrrhack, the main energy behind the zine, Fuana Urbana to use the title for the project.

Aniki Geelong helped to convert the portal layouts made by Tanuki Gokuhi to XHTML/CSS. Development work finally ended on 7 November 2009 with the launch of the new website.

Ekevoo is the hostmaster. Tanuki Gokuhi was choosen to head the news portal; all changes, updates and partnerships are his responsibility. Reyres and Aniki Geelong are admins and press leaders. Jrrhack is the patron and still updates his own Fauna Urbana personal blog.

Fauna Urbana it is a collaborative press website. Visitors can send their articles to Fauna Urbana. Every article, HQ, comic sent, earns the user points called "Fauna Points", which can be used to trade things on the Fauna Urbana website.

Fauna Urbana also hosts FaunaCast, the first podcast in Brazil that talks about furry.