Fate's Crossing

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Title: Fate's Crossing
Author(s): Jedi Kate
Date(s): 16 March 2000
Length: 14,019 words
Genre: gen fanfiction
Fandom: Star Wars TPM
External Links: Fate's Crossing (FF.net)

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Fate's Crossing is a Star Wars TPM story by Jedi Kate. It was archived in five parts at Wolfie's Den.[1]

Category:Story, AU (sort of), Rating: PG-13, Timeline: Between Eps I and II

Summary: A black hole, a past relived and choices presented to Obi-Wan after the events in TPM.

Recs and Reviews

TPM gen--yes, it does exist. I was surprised, too. This is very nice "fix-it" story in which Obi-Wan must choose between his master and his padawan, abandoning either his heart or his duty. Yes, I'm sure it's gen. Although it's a close call. Either way you look at it, this one's worth giving a try. Action, adventure, angst--and a last chapter that really had me worried for a while.[2]


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