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Name: Fanworks Around the World
Date(s): February 2016-indefinite
Moderator(s): Cards_Slash/bewareofchris, PhoenixIsLost, Orange Crates/dreamingcellardoor
Type: Fanwork drive
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Associated Community:
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Fanworks Around the World is "[a] fanwork drive focused on creating new Assassin’s Creed fanworks/AUs in basically every country in the world except the US." Initial sign-up was announced to run from February 1 to February 10, 2016,[1] but the mods have said that signup and submissions are open indefinitely.[2] All types of fanwork are accepted and there is no minimum wordcount or length requirement.[1]

Works produced

A Modern AU: Our favourite AC1 trio are second generation Syrians living in India - Malik and Kadar are musically famous, Altaïr is better known for his dancing. This is an AltMal story that I’m sure is fairly predictable, but hopefully enjoyable. Ft. Claudia, because now we can have Kadar/Claudia.
Altair has a strange idea of impressing Malik. Exactly the one that Malik gets seriously annoyed by. Equaling an ultimate success, of course. Except…scratch the “ultimate” part.
Malik and Altair are in Hong Kong for work. But also a bit of sightseeing.
(And maybe, just maybe, Malik had something else planned even if he didn't normally do this kind of stuff.)
  • Assorted art and commentary by tofuthebold featuring Altaïr and Malik in Taiwan (tumblr)


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