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Title: Fantasia
Publisher: Teleport Press
Editor(s): Melissa Brown and Karen D'Elia
Date(s): 1988-1989
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake's 7 & multimedia
Language: English
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Fantasia is a gen multifandom anthology. It has the subtitle: "The One That Got Away" which refers, as explained in the editorial, to the escape of a mouse in the editor's household during a zine meeting.

General Reactions and Reviews

This is technically a multimedia zine, but in fact it's almost entirely B7. I've had #s 1 and 3 for a while and finally found #2- - I was vastly amused by its subtitle (which actually refers, as explained in the editorial, to the escape of a mouse in the editor's househould during a zine meeting).

If this zine comes your way cheaply, it's worth having a look at, but I don't recommend going to any great trouble or expense to get it.

I have a question about what seems to be a crossover story in #3. Blake and Cally meet a pair of Americans named Ralph and Maxwell, who give Cally "The Suit," which confers superpowers on its wearer. What does this refer to? Greatest American Hero, maybe? (a show I never saw-- that's just a guess.) [1]

Issue 1

Fantasia 1 was published in January 1988. It has a front cover by Julie Montgomery. Other art by Tom and Bill Carroll.

  • Deborah A. Millitello, "Rebirth" (Blake's 7)
  • Cassandra Hayes, "Silent Cries" (Blake's 7)
  • Julie Montgomery and Melissa Brown, "A Dirty Mind" (Blake's 7)
  • Sarah Jane Keating, "A New Beginning" (Blake's 7)
  • Deborah A. Millitello, "Time in a Bottle" (Blake's 7)
  • Sarah Jane Keating, "Memories" (Blake's 7)
  • Karel Smolders, "Legend" (Blake's 7)
  • Melissa A. Brown, "Strange Names I Have Heard" (Blake's 7) non-fiction
  • Deborah A. Millitello, "Regret," "Gods Weep" (Blake's 7) poem
  • other fandoms: Doctor Who and Robin of Sherwood

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Fantasia 2 was published in August 1988 and contains 81 pages. Art by Celeste Hotaling, Kevin Handling and Amy Whiteneck.

  • Amy L. Whiteneck, "All That Glistens" (Blake's 7). Avon is after Servalan’s jewels. Can he pull off the heist?
  • Diane Rabuano, "Alone" (Blake's 7). Vila finds himself alone on the Liberator. Avon gives a back rub.
  • Irene Stubbs, "Infinity's Line" (Blake's 7). Was Orac right about Blake? Avon’s search for truth leads him from Terminal to Gauda Prime.
  • Carole Smith, "After the Children Have Gone" (Blake's 7). Avon tries to help grief-stricken Cally after the events of “Children of Auron”.
  • Beth Ryan, "See Avon Run" (Blake's 7). Vila, with Orac’s help, stumbles upon a funny tidbit about Avon’s childhood.
  • Irene Stubbs, "Gambit, Post and Pre" (Blake's 7). As Jerriere tries to explain the fallout of “Gambit” to Servalan, she realizes that Blake and Co weren’t the only visitors from Liberator that night. A surprise guest next door overhears the conversation.
  • Deborah Williams "All's Fair in Love" (Blake's 7). Avon tries to let go of Cally before Terminal. She’s having none of it.
  • Diane Rabuano, "Goodbye, Cally" (Blake's 7). Avon and the others grieve for Cally on Terminal.
  • Daisy (Deek) and Lucy (Mickey) Leung, "Thoughts of a Pair of Genetically-Alike Sisters" (Blake's 7). Cally and Zelda mind-talk to each other, with a certain dark-haired man a regular subject.
  • Karel Smolders, "The Once and Future Queen"(Blake's 7). The last great war of Rebellion vs Federation destroyed both the Federation and the human civilization as we knew it. Aging Avon is stranded on the post-apocalyptic Earth, searching for survivors to try and rebuild a better world.
  • Deborah Millitello, "Bedtime Story" (Blake's 7). On Kezaarn, Vila tells his children a bedtime story where he’s a big damn hero. But what did really happen that day?
  • Cassandra Hayes, "Birds of a Feather" (Robin of Sherwood) non-fiction
  • Cally & Vila, "Nonsense from the Editors" (Blake's 7) non-fiction
  • "Stranger Names We Have Heard" (Blake's 7) non-fiction
  • Submission guidelines for #3; ads for Liberator tree ornaments, Outer Worlds (Blake's 7) non-fiction
  • Sarah Jane Keating, "Servalan" (Blake's 7) filk
  • Cassandra Hayes, "When Will It End" (Blake's 7) filk

Issue 3

Fantasia 3 has the subtitle: "Oops!" It was published in 1989. The front cover is a Bloom County parody. Art by Celeste Hotaling and Sarah Jane Keating.

  • Dee Beetem and Sue Wells, "Believe It Or Not" (Blake's 7/Greatest American Hero)
  • Tamara Verbande, "The Engineer" (Blake's 7)
  • Daisy and Lucy Leung, "M: The Rambling of Vila" (Blake's 7)
  • Deborah Millitello, "The Mirror of His Eyes" (Blake's 7)
  • Tamara Verbande, "Interim" (Blake's 7)
  • Carol K. Smith, "Payback's a Bitch" (Blake's 7)
  • other fandoms: Robin of Sherwood and Doctor Who


  1. from Sarah Thompson at Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 site