Fanspeak: The Brief Origins Of Fanfiction

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Title: Fanspeak: The Brief Origins Of Fanfiction
Commentator: J.E. Reich
Date(s): July 23, 2015
Medium: online
External Links: Fanspeak: The Brief Origins Of Fanfiction : T-Lounge : Tech Times, Archived version
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Fanspeak: The Brief Origins Of Fanfiction is a 2015 article by J.E. Reich.


Like the zines that served as the medium for its earlier incarnations, the platforms in which fanfic is readily readable and writable are morphing at the same pace as new technologies in the Information Age. Amazon's fic platform Kindle Worlds has been around since 2014 (despite its lackluster success), and apps like Wattpad report that as of 2014, 53 percent of its users have written a fic on their phone, and more than 70 million stories were uploaded onto the site by September of that year.

In reality, it all throttles back in time to the first human with the nerve to lean across a fire and whisper the innovation that has truly defined humankind with the variable version of a story. Everything else has been the same story ever since; never a final frontier, always a new, mercurial pocket of the multiverse. Welcome to the world of fanfiction. It's been waiting for you.