Fans won't let vampire series rest in peace

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News Media Commentary
Title: Fans won't let vampire series rest in peace
Commentator: Rohan B. Preston
Date(s): December 28, 1997
Venue: Toronto Star
Fandom: Forever Knight
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Fans won't let vampire series rest in peace was a news media piece about the Forever Knight fandom, published in the Toronto Star on December 28, 1997. The subtitle of the article was Canadian-produced TV series Forever Knight has inspired cult following and 100s of Web sites.


These kindred souls, about 20 women and few token men, had come from all over the Midwest to hear a lecture by author and vampire expert Susan M. Garrett. Most in the the audience knew each other because of their internet correspondences, but many had never met. They all shared the same passion - vampires, specifically the characters in Forever Knight, a Canadian-produced television series that was cancelled two years ago, but has a cult following and hundreds of Web sites.
It's fans have taken to writing episodes on the Web that are based on Forever Knight' characters. In fact, they have written a "virtual fourth season" on one of the popular Web sites.
Swendsen, who lives 12 miles from the Wisconsin border, said she has attended vampires conventions in New Orleans, Baltimore and the San Francisco area.

"Living out here is so isolated, every call is a long distance call for me" said Swendsen "But I have a sense of community with the fandom. We e-mail each other.

"I have made some real friends and I'm not the only one who files around to visit (them). And all the people I've met, we've all been decent people, normal with regular jobs, most of us college educated, and we all have this quirky interest in this vampire cop-TV show."