Fandom Stocking

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Journal Community
Name: Fandom Stocking
Date(s): 2007 - present
Moderator: medie
Founder: medie
Type: gift exchange
Fandom: multifandom
URL: DW, LJ, Backup Collection on Ao3

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Fandom Stocking is a low-pressure gift exchange (although not an exchange in the classic challenge sense) that is held during the winter holiday season. It is a multifandom exchange.

Inspired by, and expanding on, the yuletide tradition of treats, participants can submit wishlists with their preferences, etc, and, in the early days of December, individual posts will be made with each wishlist.

To those, people can leave screened comments with fic or icons or even just personal messages. Whatever works. (You aren't obligated to do so if you submit a wishlist, but it is nice to return the favor!)


Peoples' wishlist include fandoms, favored pairings, background information, likes, dislikes, any particular preferred kinks, squicks and so on and others can leave them gifts that can take any form (fanfiction, links to videos, fanart, fic mixes, icons, recs or simple messages or fandom squee or anything else). [2]

In 2011 livejournal changed some of its code and caused trouble for the mods. Since 2012 the exchange is run on Dreamwidth.[3][4]

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