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Title: Fandom on the Internet
Publisher: Plastic Cow Productions
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Type: resource zine
Date(s): 1995
Medium: print
Size: digest
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sample FTP/Usenet listing, click to read

Fandom on the Internet was published in 1995 and contains 24 pages. It is subtitled "A Basic Guide To Newsgroups, Discussions and On-Line Fiction Of Interest To Fans."

From an ad in 1995:

FANDOM ON THE INTERNET: A Basic guide to newsgroups, discussions and online fiction for a wide range of fandoms, including some adult/slash resources. 24 pages. In US includes a free America Online trial disk - specify DOS, MAC or windows. Cannot include the disk overseas.

Price: US $3 (with disk), Overseas $3. [1]
It was a very basic guide for AOL users on how to use email, how to interact with people on the Usenet and where to find fan fiction on FTP sites. It did not discuss websites because:
In this booklet you will find information on Usenet Newsgroups and FTP sites, primarily. The one big area we have chosen not to include is World Wide Web. Two reasons - first, AOL does not yet offer WWW access. It's coming, but we didn't want to run addresses we had no way of evaluating or even verifying. Second, there are so many WWW addresses cropping up, they would take up a whole volume in themselves.

The booklet explained the various components of an email address: "The first part Is the user's name....The second part of the address (after the "@" which is in all Internet addresses) Is the computer system the person's e-mail account is on."

It ends with a listing of the fandom specific Usenet Newsgroups and FTP sites.


  1. from Late for Breakfast #26