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Title: Fanatics
Author(s): Bryn Lantry
Date(s): 1991?
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Fanatics is a Blake/Avon Blake's 7 story by Bryn Lantry .

It was originally printed in the zine Before & After.

Reactions and Reviews

Eh. [This zine] was just a one off, and the editor required happy endings for Blake and Avon. Someone needed to explain a Gauda Prime to that editor. What can I say, I bought if for the xBryn Lantry story, Fanatics. Would someone kind editor be nice, and collect all this woman's B7 fic in one zine? [1]
One of the first B/A stories Katy ever read - if not the first - and now imprinted on her consciousness forever. Which is no bad thing, because this is fantastic. Blake and Avon stranded on a planet together in series one and Avon is relentlessly cruel to Blake (first out of irritation, then out of habit and then out of panic) up to and even past the point where he realises (in a truly wonderful bit of prose) that he's loved him all along. Blake, meanwhile, is wonderful - as patient as he can be until Avon massively crosses the line, then hotly angry and also passionate and tender and warm. Fantastic stuff. [2]
I really like Fanatics. Very nicely written, very interesting and plausible characterisation of Avon, and very kind and also interesting characterisation of a Blake who is strong and can appear unruffled, but isn't. It plays out nicely. Set interestingly early in canon too - you don't get many fics that pair them up before The Web! This fic does not deserve to be in this zine. [3]


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